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  Blue and Black Great Danes
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In Remembrance of our Beloved Pets

Every now and then a pet comes along that touches you in a way that you never thought possible. A partnership between a human and an animal. It is a rare gift and we are lucky to have these animals in our lives for the short time they are here.

They are your best friends and love you unconditionally. When you have a bad day they know and do whatever they can to turn your mood around. Sometimes it can be funny antics or at times they may sit and listen to what you have to say or nudge away the tears from your eyes. Whatever it is they give their love only in hopes of receiving a a hug or pat on the head.

It is difficult to watch them grow old or pass at a young age, but we need to remember the good times and the joy they brought to each of our lives. This page is dedicate to those pets that have touched our hearts and lives and live on in our memories forever.

Pepper- Dalmation
July 4,1993- August 30,2007

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